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Guaranteed rental scheme

3Let allows you to guarantee your rent for a term of 1 to 5 years with payments paid monthly at the end of each month.

As accredited landlords ourselves we understand the pitfalls involved in maintaining a property and have a dedicated team who ensure properties are kept to a high standard.

We are not letting agents that have a side offering of Guaranteed rent, where they offer guaranteed rent insurance.

We only do Guaranteed rent. This is not an insurance scheme. We become your tenant. What this means for you is you do not need to fill in any claim forms, you do not need to pay a one of two month excess, you do not need to hope the tenant meets the rent guarantee scheme insurance companies criteria. We simply pay, even if there are voids.

Guaranteed rent is what we do, and only what we do.

We provide many benefits to a landlord as opposed to the conventional letting agent and in most instances our offer provides more net profit for the landlord than a letting agent’s does.

10 Reasons to choose 3Let for Guaranteed Rental:

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Guaranteed rent

As landlords ourselves, we comprehend the dangers involved in keeping a home and taking care of it. We eliminate these prospective headaches by doing it all for you– finding and managing tenants, ensuring rent, without any voids over the lease period, and guaranteeing houses are kept to a good standard. In addition to taking the anxiety out of property letting, in numerous circumstances our rent guarantee scheme provides you with more net revenue than a typical letting agent.

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